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In our work in the area of Environmental Law, we seek to reconcile economic development with environmental preservation, ensuring that the needs of the current generation are met without compromising future generations. We offer advisory and consulting services on topics such as Environmental Licensing, Infraction Notices, Civil Inquiries and Terms of Conduct Adjustment (TAC), both in legal proceedings and in matters with environmental and control bodies.


Through partnerships with qualified professionals in the environmental area, we work to identify the main Brazilian environmental infractions, aiming to regularize both current problems and prevent future litigation situations. In this way, our office aims to ensure that our clients are in compliance with environmental guidelines, minimizing risks and damages to their business activities.


Our commitment is to act in a preventive manner, offering solutions that avoid the negative impacts resulting from practices that are harmful to the environment. If necessary, we are prepared to defend the interests of our clients in judicial or administrative proceedings, always with the ethics and transparency that characterize our work. If your company needs legal services in the area of Environmental Law, contact us and find out how we can help you comply with legislation and meet environmental requirements.

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