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Welcome to the institutional website of the law firm Leite & Ceconello Advogados Associados. Here you will find the main information about our firm, its objectives, practices and way of acting. Our commitment is to offer a service of excellence and quality, always guided by ethics, professionalism and responsibility. Browse our website and learn more about our team, our areas of expertise and the services we provide to our customers. We are available to answer any questions and help you with whatever you need.


The law firm Leite & Ceconello Advogados Associados was founded in 2005, in the city of Cuiabá, state of Mato Grosso, with the objective of being a corporate law firm. Initially, it provided preventive and contentious legal advice and assistance to small and medium-sized companies in the state of Mato Grosso, but over the years it expanded its operations to other states in the country and began to serve large national companies.


In 2008, the firm joined other major Brazilian law firms to found ALBRAE - Brazilian Alliance of Business Advocacy. ALBRAE brings together more than twenty law firms and has around 300 professionals, being present in all regions and in the main capitals of Brazil. Aliança's main objective is service excellence, standardization of procedures and processes, strengthening of corporate law, diversification of areas of activity and national capillarity with local expertise in various areas of law and in the main activities and businesses of the your customers.


Today, Leite & Ceconello Advogados Associados has a team of multidisciplinary professionals with diversified activities in the main sectors of the Brazilian business market. The firm values agility, transparency, commitment and efficiency in providing its services.

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We are a law firm with 18 years of history, always investing in professional updating, innovation, technology, management and good practices. Our focus is to understand our clients' business and work on quick, innovative and multidisciplinary responses to face the legal, strategic and business challenges present in the market.


We seek to establish a lasting relationship, based on trust and credibility, with our customers. We believe that this is the best way to offer support, assistance and legal guidance, making us true partners to guarantee the success of your business activities.


Our office has a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in several areas of law, who work with commitment and dedication to offer the best legal solutions for our clients.


We want to be your great partner in the legal, strategic and business challenges posed by the market. Come and see our work and understand why we are a reference in corporate law.

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Offer excellent legal services throughout Brazil, with an ever-higher standard of quality, performance and efficiency. Our goal is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers and partners, acting in an ethical, responsible and committed manner, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the success and safety of our customers' business and personal activities.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as a law firm that is a reference in excellence and quality in the provision of legal services. We always seek to improve our practices and processes, invest in technology and team training, to offer innovative and effective solutions to our customers. We want to be recognized as a company that stands out for its ethics, transparency and commitment to results, thus contributing to the success and growth of our customers' businesses.


Our values are fundamental pillars that guide our relationship with clients, lawyers and other professionals who interact with our firm.

Are they:

- Ethic

- Professionalism

- Seriousness

- Loyalty

- Commitment

- Respect

- Suitability

- Excellence and Total Quality

- Team work

- Creativity

- Motivation

- constant improvement

- Standardization

- professional responsibility

- Focus on results.


We believe these values make us not only an exceptional law firm, but also a trusted and ethical partner for our clients and employees.



One of the commitments of the law firm Leite & Ceconello Advogados Associados is pro bono advocacy, which is the provision of free legal services to people or non-profit organizations that cannot afford these costs. If you or your organization are looking for free legal services through pro bono law, please contact us by We are always ready to help those in need and will carefully evaluate each case to see if it fits the profile of pro bono law services. We believe that pro bono advocacy is a way to promote social justice, make access to the legal system more inclusive and defend people's fundamental rights. In addition, our social responsibility is a non-negotiable basic value that guides the firm's activities, as we believe that companies should contribute positively to the society in which they operate.

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