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With a highly qualified multidisciplinary team specialized in the area of Agrarian Law and Agribusiness, our office offers complete support to our clients in all negotiation, contractual and litigious matters related to rural areas and operations involving agribusiness.


With regard to registration and obtaining the necessary licenses to carry out rural activities, we offer consultancy and assistance in relation to the Rural Activity License (LAR), Environmental Regularization Program (PRA) and Rural Environmental Registry (CAR).


In addition, we provide consultancy and legal advice on all agrarian and agribusiness contracts, including the purchase and sale of rural areas, leasing, subleasing, partnership, subpartnership, lending, purchase and sale of future crops and contractual review, purchase and sale of inputs farms, rental of agricultural machinery or animals, provision of planting and harvesting services, among others.


We also offer consultancy and legal assistance in relation to the production, processing, storage, transport and commercialization of agricultural commodities, grains, livestock, agriculture and other segments of agribusiness.


Our team specializes in analysis, review and preparation of all credit titles linked to agribusiness, such as CPR (Rural Producer Certificate), CDA (Agricultural Deposit Certificate), WA (Agricultural Warrant), CDCA (Certificate of Credit Rights Agribusiness), CRA (Agribusiness Receivables Certificates) and FIAGRO (Investment Fund for Agroindustrial Productive Chains).


In order to guarantee legal certainty and protect the interests of our clients and partners, we also analyze, revise and format contracts inherent to agribusiness, such as credit assignments, debt confessions, mortgages, pledge, fiduciary alienations, rural producer certificate , terminations and renewals.


In order to guarantee the receipt of credits from our customers, we seek all necessary measures, such as arrest, seizure, execution, extrajudicial and judicial collection of securities involving agribusiness.


We advise and guide our clients in building the Holding Rural for rural producers, groups or family businesses operating in agribusiness, providing greater legal certainty and reducing operating costs.


Finally, to ensure business continuity, we review and extend rural debt, in addition to extrajudicial or judicial renegotiation of rural credit, when necessary. We also analyzed the possibility of Judicial Reorganization of the individual or legal rural producer, always aiming at maintaining our clients' businesses.

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