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With a legal and multidisciplinary team specialized in the labor area, we act in the defense of the company's interests. Our goal is to advise on labor and union actions in the advisory and litigation areas, ensuring efficient and safe action in favor of the interests of our clients.


We have an efficient control system for running processes, which avoids unexpected seizures and blockages in the accounts of companies or their partners, thus reducing negative financial impacts for our customers.


In addition, we advise on the organization and control of documents with the human resources sector, aiming at reducing or even eliminating labor liabilities. In this sense, we emphasize the importance of keeping in order the documentation related to employment contracts, overtime, vacations, FGTS, among other issues.


We act based on ethical principles, transparency and dedication to the interests of the companies we represent. If you are looking for specialized legal support in the labor area, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be available to offer customized solutions that ensure the protection and integrity of your business.

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