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Our tax team is responsible for assisting companies and individuals in matters related to taxes and duties in general. This includes activities such as tax planning, analysis of tax legislation, negotiation with tax bodies, defense in administrative and judicial proceedings, tax recovery, review of tax liabilities, among other services.


Tax planning is undoubtedly one of the most important activities in the tax area, as it aims to minimize the financial impact of tax obligations on our clients' activities. For this, we analyze the tax legislation and seek practical solutions that are in compliance with current laws. A well-designed tax planning allows our clients to make strategic decisions based on projected tax costs, taking into account expected expenses with taxes and duties in their operations, thus obtaining competitive advantages by reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of their business. .


Another equally important activity is tax recovery, also known as recovery of tax credits, whose purpose is to reduce tax costs and recover amounts that were unduly paid or overpaid in taxes. This practice consists of analyzing the accounting records of companies, identifying possible errors or inconsistencies in the calculation of taxes and duties. By carrying out the tax recovery, companies can obtain significant financial savings, in addition to correcting possible mistakes made in the payment of taxes. These recovered amounts can be used for reinvestments in the business itself, generating improvements and growth. It is worth noting that tax recovery is a way to ensure the company's tax compliance, avoiding possible assessments and lawsuits related to tax evasion.


Another service that we frequently provide is negotiating with tax bodies, which often differ in relation to the interpretation of tax legislation. In these cases, our team works to seek an amicable agreement that is advantageous for the client.


Finally, we act in administrative and judicial litigation, defending the interests of our clients in administrative and judicial proceedings. In these cases, we work to ensure that tax obligations are met in a fair and balanced manner, avoiding financial losses for customers.


To deliver a service of excellence, we have a specialized and multidisciplinary team that is constantly updated on changes in tax legislation and its interpretation by the courts. In this way, we are able to offer our clients effective and safe strategies to guarantee the fiscal regularity of their activities, helping to guarantee the financial health of their business.

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